3 Reasons to Be Grateful for Dental Assistants!

March 3, 2021

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Dental assistants smiling with patient in dental office

Did you know that the first week of March is dedicated to celebrating and appreciating dental assistants? Whether you are coming in for essential preventive care, quality restorative dentistry, or a cosmetic upgrade, these dental professionals ensure your experience in the treatment chair is enjoyable and seamless from start to finish. However, few patients realize just how instrumental of a role they play. With this in mind, keep reading to learn three reasons to be grateful for your dental assistant!

#1. They Prep the Space For Your Appointment

Before you even arrive for your visit, your dental assistant is hard at work prepping your space. In light of the current pandemic, this already important task is now critical. In addition to sterilizing equipment in accordance with disinfection protocols put forth by organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they clean the room to remove anything left over from a previous appointment. That way, each patient can get the quality dental care they need without compromising their safety.

#2. They Assist the Dentist During Your Procedure

As the title suggests, one of the biggest roles dental assistants play at your dental office is assisting the doctor with procedures. This includes everything from handling instruments and rinsing a patient’s mouth to limiting the spread of bacteria during the treatment. Plus, they take care of additional tasks, like taking impressions, helping patients feel comfortable in the treatment chair, and providing aftercare instructions.

#3. They Help the Office Run Smoothly

Behind the scenes, dental assistants play a large role in helping the office run smoothly. Whether it is ordering supplies or calling patients to remind them of their upcoming appointment, there are a number of administrative tasks they handle as well. So, it’s safe to say that they are quite the multi-taskers!

During your routine visits or tooth-saving appointments, you might not think much about all your dental assistant does to improve your oral health and smile. Now you know just a few of the many tasks that make them an essential part of any successful dental practice!

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