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Dental Insurance

portrait of a happy family smilingIf you and your family are covered by a dental insurance plan, you are eligible for significant savings on the services you all need to maintain clean, healthy smiles for a lifetime to come. The key to making the most out of any dental insurance plan is understanding how it works, and that it’s not quite like your medical insurance. Visiting an out-of-network dentist doesn’t necessarily mean you will be paying a lot out of pocket. Keep reading to learn more about your insurance plan, benefits, and how it works at the office of Dr. James T. Gray.


How Dental Insurance Works

Dental insurance works with a heavy emphasis on prevention. By making two checkups and cleanings absolutely free each year, it aims to keep cavities and gum disease at bay to reduce the risk that you will need more costly, complex care later on.

Most dental insurance works on a fee-for-service basis, meaning that in exchange for a certain amount of money paid monthly (your premium), you can receive anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 worth of care per year. Most necessary preventive and restorative treatments are usually fully or partially covered by dental insurance plans. More complex treatments, like a dental crown or bridge, are often covered up to 50%.

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network

Visiting an in-network dentist can make the whole process smoother, but you can still receive the same discounts on your dental care when you visit an out-of-network dentist. Dental insurance doesn’t work like medical insurance when it comes to in vs. out-of-network -- and you won’t necessarily be paying a big amount out of pocket if you visit a dentist who is not in your provider’s network. We will work with you to help make sure you receive the full benefits you are eligible for, no matter who your provider is. Our team also takes care of all the paperwork to ensure all claims are filed properly.

Maximizing Your Insurance Benefits

Start out with making the most out of your plan by scheduling and attending two checkups and cleanings per year. These visits are absolutely crucial for enjoying healthy teeth for a lifetime, so don’t skip out on them. Your insurance should cover a set of x-rays annually and maybe a topical fluoride treatment or dental sealants as well.

Our office will help make sure you take advantage of all the preventive services that are fully covered by dental insurance. If you need to have restorative care, like a filling, extraction, root canal, or anything else, you will want to reach as close to your annual maximum allowance during the same year. We will talk to you about ways to make that work when the time comes.

Request an Appointment and Start Saving Today

Dr. James T. Gray and our team are pleased to offer excellence in dentistry -- and we love to help make superior care even more affordable for patients with dental insurance. To learn more about how insurance works and how we can assist you with yours, you are invited to schedule an appointment today.