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Rejuvenating Teeth Whitening

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Are your teeth starting to look their age -- or older? There is no easier way to rejuvenate your smile than with a professional teeth whitening treatment. Currently one of the most popular options in cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening can be completed in-office or at home, at the pace that suits you best. Dr. James T. Gray offers both options -- keep reading to find out which one may be best for you.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

If you would like to reveal your results as quickly as possible, and if you have a little more to spend on teeth whitening, an in-office treatment may be the best option for you. We use the Opalescence Boost whitening treatment. This option works in just about an hour (with 2, 22 minute applications). And because it’s activated by hydrogen peroxide, there is no uncomfortable light for you to sit under while it whitens. 

Opalescence Boost can remove even the toughest stains. The formula also contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to protect your tooth enamel and prevent the sensitivity that is often associated with professional teeth whitening. Brushing with an anti-sensitivity toothpaste in the weeks leading up to your treatment can help, too.

An essential part of this regimen is whitening at home with Zoom! whitening gel for one week after your teeth have been whitened with an in-office formula.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

People who wish to reveal their results gradually or who do not want to spend as much on teeth whitening may prefer an at-home treatment. Our office prefers the Zoom! whitening gel, which does the best job at breaking through stains above and below the surface of the tooth.

We will create plastic trays for your unique dentition. These trays should fit perfectly, so you won’t have to worry about saliva mixing with and weakening the strength of the gel. Your soft oral tissues are also protected from the powerful solution with trays that fit correctly.

You will be instructed to wear the trays filled with the whitening solution every evening for about 20-30 minutes. After two weeks, the treatment is complete -- and you are smiling brighter than ever! The results from at-home teeth whitening can last for months or even years.

Which One Is Right For You?

In-office whitening is a good option for people who…

 At-home teeth whitening is a good option for people who…

Let’s Get Started on Teeth Whitening!

If you’re interested in revealing your brightest smile, we want to help. Request an appointment with Dr. Gray to discuss whether an in-office or at-home teeth whitening treatment may be best for you.