4 Steps for Sprucing Up Your Oral Hygiene Routine for Spring

March 14, 2024

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Around this time of year, many people give their homes a thorough spring cleaning. But while you’re making sure that your living space is in tip-top shape, why not pay the same sort of attention to the care you give your smile? In order to keep your teeth as clean and healthy as possible, it’s a good idea to periodically refresh your oral hygiene routine. If you’re interested in a dental spring cleaning, here are 4 steps suggested by your dentist.

1. Consider Upgrading Your Toothbrush

Take a look at your toothbrush. Are the bristles frayed? Have you been using it for more than three or four months? If the answer to either of these questions is “yes”, now is the perfect opportunity to switch to a new one.

However, you don’t have to get the same kind of toothbrush that you have now. It may be worth looking for one that has softer bristles to minimize the chances of accidentally wearing down your enamel. You may also want to think about upgrading to an electric toothbrush, which can potentially do a more thorough job of getting rid of the plaque that has built up on your teeth.

2. Give Your Toothbrush Holder a Good Cleaning

Just like everything else in your bathroom, the container for your toothbrush is a potential target for harmful bacteria and germs. It’s therefore a good idea to get in the habit of cleaning it once or twice a week. You can put it in the dishwasher, use soapy water, or simply thoroughly wipe it with a disinfectant; pick whichever method works best for you.

3. Throw Out and Replace Any Expired Dental Products

Some types of mouthwash become unsafe once they reach their expiration date. Meanwhile, expired toothpaste is generally not dangerous, but it does a less effective job of keeping your teeth clean. As such, in order to protect your smile, you should sort through your dental hygiene products to see if they’re still good. If they have expired, you should throw them away immediately and make plans to go to the store to restock.

4. Pay Your Dentist a Visit

In addition to tidying up your oral hygiene routine, you can also make sure your smile is as clean as possible by visiting your dentist for a routine checkup and cleaning. Dentists and hygienists can examine your teeth and gums for tartar (a hardened form of plaque that you cannot get rid of on your own) and gently remove it. Having routine cleanings performed could potentially help you avoid serious dental issues later.

A dental spring cleaning could make quite a difference for your grin in the long run. Keep the above tips in mind if you want to ensure that you’re giving your teeth the right kind of care.

About the Author

Dr. James T. Gray has been taking care of his patients’ smiles for more than three decades. He has previously served as president of the Arlington Dental Study Club and is a member of the Fort Worth District Dental Society and other organizations. He’s more than happy to offer checkups and cleanings for your entire family. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Gray at his practice in Arlington, visit his website or call (817) 460-4131.