Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign Treatment

September 17, 2020

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Woman putting on Invisalign clear aligner

Have you ever untagged yourself from a picture on Facebook because you were unhappy with your smile? Do crooked or misaligned teeth negatively impact your self-esteem? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then you are not alone. In fact, 33% of Americans are unhappy with their smile. If you are a part of this statistic, then you may be considering Invisalign in Arlington. After all, it has an impressive 96% satisfaction rate, offers patients virtually invisible treatment, and the trays are completely removable! If you have a few questions before committing, here’s everything you need to know about Invisalign.

Is Invisalign Treatment Painful?

Since the trays are designed to guide your teeth into their new position, it is natural to feel some discomfort. Many patients describe it as “soreness” (rather than “pain”) that goes away a few hours after starting a new phase of treatment. Still, this teeth-straightening alternative bypasses metal brackets and pesky wires, which makes it significantly more comfortable than traditional braces.

How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

Since each smile is unique, treatment timelines can vary. However, Invisalign delivers beautiful, seamless smiles in 12 months on average! This is significant considering metal braces take anywhere from 18 to 24 months.

Will the Trays Affect Your Speech?

Initially, you may have a slight lisp as your tongue adjusts to the trays. However, this side effect typically goes away within a week. Plus, you can speed up the process by using speaking exercises, like saying the word “Mississippi” over and over again or counting from 60 to 70 repeatedly.

What Happens If You Lose or Break Them?

Removable trays allow patients to enjoy a treatment free of food restrictions and complicated oral hygiene routines. Although, it also means the trays can be lost or broken throughout treatment. If it happens shortly after a new phase, your dentist may recommend that you continue wearing your previous aligners. On the other hand, if you are close to starting your next trays, then you may be advised to start a few days early. If they become lost or broken in the middle of a phase, then your dentist will provide you with a replacement set.

Can You Eat and Drink with the Trays In?

To preserve the integrity of your trays, it is important not to eat or drink while wearing them (with the exception of water). Instead, place them in a designated case during your morning cup of coffee, lunch break, or late-night dessert. That way, you can prevent them from staining or warping.

What Happens After Treatment?

After your last set of aligners, you will see your new and improved smile in full! However, it is important to remember that the process has just begun. To ensure your beautiful results are also long-lasting, you must wear your retainer. Otherwise, your teeth will naturally shift back into their previous position over time.

If crooked or misaligned teeth are negatively impacting your bite, speech, or self-esteem, it is time to speak with your dentist about Invisalign. By starting today, you can achieve your smile goals by this time next year!

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After completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas, Dr. James T. Gray earned his doctorate at the University of Texas Dental School at San Antonio. Today, he uses his three decades of experience and passion for his craft to help his patients achieve immaculate oral health and jaw-dropping smiles. If you are looking to straighten your teeth with Invisalign, don’t hesitate to visit his website or give him a call at 817-460-4131.