4 New Year Resolutions to Consider from Your Dentist in Arlington

January 15, 2018

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A man smiling.New year resolutions are a pretty great way to start the year. It’s easy to measure your progress from the very first of the month and tracking your progress of a goal can be a truly enriching experience. If you haven’t chose a resolution to follow yet, don’t worry, your dentist in Arlington has a few ideas.

The goal you set for yourself shouldn’t be so outrageous that it’s not obtainable. It should also be significant enough to make a positive influence on your life. When it comes to the long-term benefits, oral care as a resolution is a great place to start!

The Importance of Maintaining Good Oral Health

By brushing twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste and visiting your dentist twice a year for exams and cleanings, you’re already ahead of one-third of everyone else in the country. According to the American Dental Association’s consumer website, one-third of Americans don’t see a dentist yearly. Let this be the first part of your resolution.

Regular dental visits are great for catching early signs of gum disease and oral cancer. Let the beginning of the year be a reminder to utilize your flex spending accounts. This way the money you saved can be put to good use towards out-of-pocket costs for dental exams and cleanings.

Make the Effort to Floss

Unfortunately, brushing your teeth isn’t enough to remove stubborn food debris and plaque growing on the sides of your teeth. If you aren’t already flossing once a day, let this month be the one that you start.

To make flossing easier, purchased a box containing waxed floss. This floss is easier to work with because it’s far less likely to tear while in use.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Many studies have proven that there’s a direct link between the rate of sugar consumption and the rate of tooth decay in humans. Therefore, the less sugar you eat, the less likely you’ll have to deal with painful and expensive tooth decay later in the year.

During your next grocery run, consider how many items you buy are filled with sugar and try replacing them with something healthier. Soda and beer can be replaced with water and seltzer for example. Make it a habit to start chewing sugar-free gum while you work to ease your cravings.

Cut Out Tobacco for Good

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking can double your risk for gum disease, not to mention expose you to several other health issues. Quitting is already a particularly popular resolution, so if you’re able to kick your smoking habit, you’ll be accomplishing two resolutions at once!

Start by removing all tobacco products from your home and asking your family and friends to hold you accountable if you relapse. If you have trouble quitting on your own, ask your general practitioner for ways to curb your addiction.

By slowly incorporating each of these steps into your routine, you’ll have a healthy mouth for many years to come. Start by scheduling an appointment with your dentist in Arlington today!

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