Your Dentist in Arlington Chooses Invisalign Over Braces

February 8, 2017

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Woman placing Invisalign tray onto teethThe general assumption is that people with straight teeth are considered happier, healthier, and smarter. Society perceives a straight smile to be correlated to success, popularity, intelligence, and general good health. Despite the hard work you’ve applied to reach your personal level of success, you can feel all of these judgments passed every time you show your teeth. Your dentist in Arlington, Dr. James T. Gray, and his supportive family dentistry office offer Invisalign. This straightening alternative allows you to fix your flawed smile without compromising your professional appearance with metal brackets and wires.

What is Invisalign?

Finally, there is a way to maintain your mature, polished appearance at work while improving your smile. Invisalign clear braces use a series of practically invisible, removable aligners that no one can tell you’re wearing. The aligners are fit just for you and apply a constant, gentle pressure to guide teeth into the correct locations. You wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss. As you replace each aligner with the next in the series, your teeth will move gradually until they have straightened to their final positions. You can watch a video here to view the process.

Why should I consider Invisalign over traditional braces?

Did you know that using Invisalign in Arlington may even give you results faster than traditional braces ever could? You actually only have to visit your dentist every six to eight weeks.  This is just one of many advantages that Invisalign has over braces.

  • You experience an immediate boost in confidence knowing that your orthodontic treatment is practically invisible!
  • You experience comfortable straightening from custom-fit aligners rather than sharp metal brackets and wires.
  • You can still enjoy your favorite foods because of the versatility Invisalign offers by being removable.
  • You can keep your dental routine simple by removing your aligners to brush and floss your natural teeth.

Metal braces are the traditional orthodontic “go to” because they have been an effective form of dentistry for years. Unfortunately, you may have to deal with these disadvantages compared to Invisalign:

  • Embarrassing orthodontic gear highlighted with elastics that stand out against your natural teeth.
  • Uncomfortable forced shifts in teeth caused by frequent tightening appointments.
  • Change in your diet to avoid damage, avoiding hard or sticky foods.
  • A more complicated dental routine that requires additional cleaning equipment.

Dr. Gray can help you fix your misaligned smile in a modern, discreet way. Contact our office today to find out if Invisalign clear braces are the right treatment for you. One of our friendly team members will be happy to set up an appointment for you to enhance your smile, proving your success to everyone around you with just a quick flash of your straight teeth.